Treasury Report

Team/EventDescriptionDeposit AmountDebit AmountCheckBalance
Liberation WayLeague Fees600600
ResentmentsDerby Fee150750
Tommy D'sLeague Fees6001350
Life's JourneyLeague Fees 6001950
NorristownLeague Fees 6002550
South PhillyLeague Fees1502700
OutlawsLeague Fees6003300
BansheesDerby Fee1503450
New Found FreedomDerby Fee 150

7109League Fees6004200
2nd ChanceDerby Fee1504350
MDC Prospects
West Chester
League Fees6004950
Penn FoundationLeague Fees6005550
L&OLeague Fee Only4506000
Upper Darby
DelcoLeague Fees6006600
DD'sLeague Fees6007200
Longshots/BeginnersLeague Fees6507850
Refund for Overpayment to L/B507800
StarsLeague Fees4008200
EMZLeague Fees6008800
Silky MittensLeague Fees6009400
DonationFlyers Ticket Raffle609460
Ralph Umpire Fees60010,060
RalphPayment for 3 Dozen Balls11510,175
Payment for Softballs63 Dozen Balls23940017781
ASA Registration Fees21 Teams at $25 per team5250027256
Umpire Fees6000036656
Derby HoodiesPayable to George Lyons5000046156
Book of StampsPayable to Niki Toth9.800056146.20
Home DepotMats for the season2505896.20
Cash taken out by Niki & NoahCash to tip umpires for derby2505646.20