League Rules

  1. Base coaches are not allowed to physically assist runners (runner is out, base coach is ejected for one game. The game they are in)
  2. Courtesy Runners – Four allowed per game. They cannot be in the line up unless your team only has nine or ten players, and no other players are on the bench. In that case, the last batted out may courtesy run as long as it is announced to both coaches & umpire. Otherwise, the courtesy runner can be four different, or all the same player.
    A injured player that bats can have an Injury Runner. It is an unlimited amount. Same rules as the Courtesy Runner. Must be announced that there is an injury runner in the game before the game starts. 1 injury runner per team per game.
  3. Slow Pitch – By ASA Code only: Delivered with moderate speed and arc of no less than 6′ and no more than 12′.
  4. Fighting or intolerable arguing with umpires, players, coaches or managers will result in an ejection from that game, plus 30 day or  4 week/8 game suspension  and a $25.00 fine. Second offense will result in suspension for one full season, in addition to the season that is currently being played.
  5. Coach fielding an illegal player ( using drugs or alcohol, unrostered or fielded under an alias ) will be Fined $50.00, suspended for one full season, in addition to the season that is currently being played, and may never be permitted to coach or hold office in the URSL league. An officers meeting will be held to determine penalties for the involved players.
  6. Their can be 2 extra players and a D.H. in the line up at the same time.
  7. The *15 run rule is in effect, during the regular season & 1st round of the playoffs only.
  8. Pitchers mound must be 50 feet from home plate, while maintaining 70 foot base paths.
  9. When a batter has two strikes on him and fouls a pitch, it is an out
  10. A swing and a miss is a DEAD ball. Runner cannot advance nor be called out for leaving the base.
  11. Coaches are responsible for supplying umpires with Illegal Bat List.
  12. Metal cleats are not allowed
  13. Altered bat- Any person in possession of an altered bat at the facility or grounds of a softball competition in which such equipment is not permitted to be used shall be subject to an ejection from the games being played, and further suspension.The URSL shall have the right to take possession of a bat that is, in the sole discretion of the official, reasonably suspected of being altered. In the event the suspected altered bat is tested and determined to be an altered bat, then that person shall surrender ownership of the altered bat to the URSL ; a team that is discovered to have within its possession or control of an altered bat may be suspended from further competition and the participant using the altered bat shall receive a 1 year suspension. The games is which an altered bat was used will result in a forfeiture of those games
  14. In the event that a rule is not covered within these league rules, or the URSL bylaws we will refer to the official ASA handbook

*see link to 15 Run Mercy Rule