2016 URSL 1st Round Playoff Matchups — July 24th

North Division                                                                                                                                                                         Banshees @ L&B — Bristol Field (FDR)
Tommy DS @ Double DS

South Division                                                                                                                                                                           Resentments @ UD
Stars @ L&O

Week 3 Recap

The weather finally cooperated and gave us some warmth and sunshine. The action in the league is heating up as well.

Let’s start with the Saturday night game.

Silky Mittens v. L & B. Both teams are looking like early playoff contenders and a sweep would have solidified this for one team. The result was a split, which is never a bad thing when two good teams face off. Silky hosts Norristown, while L & B go to the Resentments.

Double D’s v. EMZ. What a week for DD’s. Dennis M. has a baby and they win two. Strong start to the season. EMZ is still battling looking for that first win. Double D’s travels to delco to face 7109. EMZ travels to the Stars.

LJ v. Tommy D’s. LJ wins a low scoring game 1 to put their first notch in the win column. Congrats boys. Tommy D’s comes back with a strong game 2 to get the split. LJ hosts L & O and Tommy D’s is heading to Patterson Ave. to play South Philly.

2nd Chance v. Banshees. 2nd Chance stays undefeated, gets two going into a prime time matchup with Delco. Banshees with a difficult start to the season. If any team can climb out of that hole it’s the Banshees, no rest for the weary though as they travel to Upper Darby. You know who 2nd Chance plays.

Delco v. Upper Darby. The “Melee at Manor” finished with Delco remaining unbeaten. UD takes two tough losses. They are a perennial contender though and know how to bounce back. You know who Delco plays. UD hosts a desperate Banshee team, a series that is shaping up as one of the games of the week.

Resentments v. Norristwon. Norristown with a strong game 1, but the Resentments battle to get a walk off and the split in game 2. Norristown brings the high powered offense to the Silky Mittens, and the Resentments host L & B. Both are in games of the week consideration.

L & O v. South Philly. I don’t want to call this an upset because South Philly has been such a strong team for a long time and started off with two of the best teams in the league, you be the judge. South Philly is right back in it with two big wins. L & O will regroup and look to continue their strong start. South Philly hosting Tommy D’s, and L & O is traveling to LJ.

LW v. Penn Fndt. LW with a strong game 1 to get their first win this year. Congrats boys. Penn Fndt bounces back with a strong effort in game 2 to get the split. Penn Fndt off to a good start. LW travels to the Outlaws. Penn heading to NFF.

7109 v. Stars. Looks like we had two very competitive games with one run separating the teams in each game. Stars take game 1, and 7109 game 2. Stars host EMZ and 7109 hosts Double D’s.

WC v. Outlaws. Outlaws come away with two wins off WC. Outlaws remain unbeaten. WC still battling, looking for that first win. WC gets a bye this week to regroup then comes back for the Saturday night game. Outlaws host LW.

Week 4 games of the week:

  • 2nd Chance v. Delco
  • Silky Mittens v. Norristown
  • Resentments v. L & B
  • UD v. Banshees

Power Rankings

  1. Delco
  2. 2nd Chance
  3. Norristown
  4. L & B
  5. Silky Mittens; Double D’s