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Week 9 HIGHLIGHTS — Sweeps, AGAIN!

Well the game of the century is over and done with.  Delco made good use of their home field which they plan on riding through the playoffs.  At 16-2 they do not have an easy schedule but in comparison the rest of the top teams but they are in the driver’s seat for sure.  Hats off to you guys two times!  Altruistic Homes are on a pretty sweet run with their walk off in game 2 vs the Stars.  SHOUT OUTS to LJ, Longshots, STR, UD and the Beginners in keeping pace with their strong seasons.

Nothing is set yet as far as playoffs, the standings will continue to tighten and I am sure a lot of flip flopping.  However, by Sunday evening of next week some teams will be eliminated while others may clinch a playoff berth…

Week 8 Highlights

The top 3 (Beginners, Movement & Delco) at 14-2 remain the same, but all of them had to battle to stay there. Altruistic Homes & the Stars keep climbing the ladder all the way up to 11-5; next week they will try to knock each other off the pedestal. If a sweep occurs look out whoever gets in that teams way…. And, LJ says, “We’re back!” Lastly, congratulations to 7109 Club as they celebrate their first ever URSL sweep against pre-season contender Tommy D’s.

Highlights Week 6

New #1 says the Movement, but the overall top 4 have not changed in a while.  Delco is only in 2nd due to current run differential. L J is a damn good team when they play their “A” game.  Beginners survive, I mean barely survive against a young and talented DDs team in two close games as they inch closer to the top stop.  Longshots and TAC batttled to a defensive split.  While Altruistic Homes and Stars make nice strides in their respective sweeps this weekend.  Upper Darby & South Philly are looking to make some noise after the break.


Week 5 Results

Little slow on the drawl for last weeks results…got a little wrapped up in the Beginners Recovery Baseball team.  The good news is that we’re 1-0.  Playing again tonight.

Nobody has slowed Delco down, yet…10-0!  Those boys are a pretty methodical machine as they took two by doubling up a good Stars team.  The Movement are moving their way up the standings just outside 1st place with two solid wins over a tough L J team.  L J is looking for a strong showing this week against Delco so they can get on a roll the following few weeks.  TAC prevailed in two slim margin victories over a strong STR team.  The Longshots, Beginners, Double Ds & Up Darby battled to splits amongst themselves.  And, lastly Altruistic Homes (former Resentments) may have just gotten back into the race and a favorable schedule going forward…