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Week 3 Recap

The weather finally cooperated and gave us some warmth and sunshine. The action in the league is heating up as well.

Let’s start with the Saturday night game.

Silky Mittens v. L & B. Both teams are looking like early playoff contenders and a sweep would have solidified this for one team. The result was a split, which is never a bad thing when two good teams face off. Silky hosts Norristown, while L & B go to the Resentments.

Double D’s v. EMZ. What a week for DD’s. Dennis M. has a baby and they win two. Strong start to the season. EMZ is still battling looking for that first win. Double D’s travels to delco to face 7109. EMZ travels to the Stars.

LJ v. Tommy D’s. LJ wins a low scoring game 1 to put their first notch in the win column. Congrats boys. Tommy D’s comes back with a strong game 2 to get the split. LJ hosts L & O and Tommy D’s is heading to Patterson Ave. to play South Philly.

2nd Chance v. Banshees. 2nd Chance stays undefeated, gets two going into a prime time matchup with Delco. Banshees with a difficult start to the season. If any team can climb out of that hole it’s the Banshees, no rest for the weary though as they travel to Upper Darby. You know who 2nd Chance plays.

Delco v. Upper Darby. The “Melee at Manor” finished with Delco remaining unbeaten. UD takes two tough losses. They are a perennial contender though and know how to bounce back. You know who Delco plays. UD hosts a desperate Banshee team, a series that is shaping up as one of the games of the week.

Resentments v. Norristwon. Norristown with a strong game 1, but the Resentments battle to get a walk off and the split in game 2. Norristown brings the high powered offense to the Silky Mittens, and the Resentments host L & B. Both are in games of the week consideration.

L & O v. South Philly. I don’t want to call this an upset because South Philly has been such a strong team for a long time and started off with two of the best teams in the league, you be the judge. South Philly is right back in it with two big wins. L & O will regroup and look to continue their strong start. South Philly hosting Tommy D’s, and L & O is traveling to LJ.

LW v. Penn Fndt. LW with a strong game 1 to get their first win this year. Congrats boys. Penn Fndt bounces back with a strong effort in game 2 to get the split. Penn Fndt off to a good start. LW travels to the Outlaws. Penn heading to NFF.

7109 v. Stars. Looks like we had two very competitive games with one run separating the teams in each game. Stars take game 1, and 7109 game 2. Stars host EMZ and 7109 hosts Double D’s.

WC v. Outlaws. Outlaws come away with two wins off WC. Outlaws remain unbeaten. WC still battling, looking for that first win. WC gets a bye this week to regroup then comes back for the Saturday night game. Outlaws host LW.

Week 4 games of the week:

  • 2nd Chance v. Delco
  • Silky Mittens v. Norristown
  • Resentments v. L & B
  • UD v. Banshees

Power Rankings

  1. Delco
  2. 2nd Chance
  3. Norristown
  4. L & B
  5. Silky Mittens; Double D’s

1/4 Final Playoffs — what a day!!!!!

The Beginners were the only team to methodically sweep (Atlruistic Homes) yesterday.  Headed down 95 next Sunday to Delco!

The other 3 series not only went the distance but two of them went to the wire.

The Longshots, minus their perennial all star shortstop, Brian O’Hare, played their hearts out in games 2 & 3 and almost pulled off a huge upset against the HIGH powered Movement offensive juggernaut; and, that’s after being blowout in game 1.  Way to put that game behind you (Longshots) real fast boys!  The Movement are trying to keep the grounds of Southampton & the Boulevard the home of the champions as they faceoff against UD next Sunday.

Upper Darby outlasted L J in from what I heard were 3 terrific games.  Don’t know much about game 1, but games 2 & 3 L J came out firing.  I can’t say L J let the leads slip away in games 2 & 3 because I know how UD can string together multiple hits for crooked numbers.  Although UD’s come back in game two was squashed by L J’s 7th inning walk; UD did survive another early onslaught by L J in game 3 to pull off the more meaningful comeback in game 3 to move onto the semi’s agains the Movement.

The Delco vs TAC series I know the least about.  I’m sure I will get some insight into that as the day goes on….  I do know that TAC went down there and won a real tight game 1.  I’m sure that had to at least get Delco thinking don’t these boys ever lose any BIG games….  Well if they did…, it didn’t last very long, because from what I heard Delco used short term memory loss to their benefit and controlled games 2 & 3 with sizeable victories.

Week 13 Highlights

Thank you to all who participated this season!  Seriously, my heart goes out to the boys from STR to be so close and not make the playoffs.  Great guys for sure; several of which also played on the Beginners recovery Baseball team.  And lastly, congrats to the 8 teams moving onto the 3 week battle that concludes with the crowning of the URSL Champion.

#1 Movement (22-4) vs #8 Longshots (16-10) at the Movement’s HOME field

#2 Delco (22-4) vs #7 TAC (16-10) at Delco’s HOME field

#3 Beginners  (22-4) vs #6 Altruistic Homes (17-9) at The Beginners HOME field

#4 Upper Darby (17-9) vs #5 Life’s Journey (17-9) — This is NOT being played on  UD’s HOME field.

Upper Darby will host the game at the following location:

Mickey Vernon Elementary School, 7th and Market Marcus Hook, PA, 19061 The Field is not far off 95 just a little further south then their regular field.

Week 11 Highlights — Playoff Senarios will be Posted shortly

The Movement came out swinging and TAC didn’t know what hit them…  Beginners, Delco and Movement all clinch first round playoff series.  Altruitic Homes got burlarised by Upper Darby who have been climbing back up the ladder.  The Longshots & STR win easily setting up their show down for the last week of the season….ohhh boyy! Double Ds does not budge in the quest to continue their long playoff tradition.  The Stars and L J who are smack in the middle of the playoff hunt did not help themselves with their splits yesterday….


Head to Head (H2H) will always be the first determining factor in a tiebreaker.  That’s why Delco remains in 2nd place over the Movement who have a better overall run differential.  Delco swept the Movement so their respective run differentials do NOT apply. 

On the other hand, ” ALL” teams that are tied must have played each other in order for the H2H to be the determing factor.  LJ, STR, TAC and the Longshots will end up playing each other but as of NOW that has NOT happened yet so the Run Differentiall still determines their positioning….

Week 10 Highlights

The top teams did what they needed to do with two impressive wins by the Movement. There are still at least 12 teams after the 8 playoff spots. Much will change over the remaining 3 weeks because the top 6-7 teams pretty much finish out playing one another while the other contenders have favorable schedules down the stretch that will make this season the best ever!