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Standings & Tiebreaker Rules


Start familiarizing yourself with the Tiebreaker Rules because on a going basis the Standings will be posted using them as if the season has ended.  There is also a hyperlink for the Tiebreaker Rules on the home page.

That means in some circumstances Head to Head dictates the positioning and in other circumstances Run Differential will prevail.  As you know, we are less half way through the season so there is still plenty of time to prove your team’s worth.

League Rules — Updated for clarification

It is suggested that all coaches review and print out a copy of the URSL rules for your team’s sake.  The umpires cover several different leagues and know “our” rules pretty well, but they do NOT have them all memorized and some of them are NOT in the ASA guidelines.

This past Sunday the 15 Run Mercy Rule came into question on two separate occasions.

In that regard, Sean will insert a hyperlink onto the league website homepage that can be clicked on to view the 15 Mercy Run Rule in complete detail. I suggest you print that out too.  I will email all the coaches a copy as well.

SPLIT Covers on the NEW Game Balls

There has been word around the league that the leather cover on 3 or 4 of the new game balls split open.  It could very well be from hitting them off the newer jagged endcaps on some of the newer bats or just coincidence…in either case send me pic mail at 267 718-9139 or email me at and, i will be able to get them replaced from the manufacturer.