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Recap of Coaches Meeting Held 3/8/14

Two new teams have been added to the league: Next Step and Levick and Oakley

The Zerby Derby will be held March 23 at Red Lion and the Boulevard. 7 innings or 55 minute games, 2-2 count. If rained/snowed out it will be played the next week. We will be using pink balls for the tournament to show support for Sophia Pasquerella who is battling cancer. Half of the proceeds will also go to Sophia.

Norristown will be supplying their own ASA umpire during the season. This is because they have had issues with our current umpires finding and getting out to their field.

During the season we will be using the Star Tattoo ball, .52/300 with synthetic cover.

Recap of Coaches Meeting and Info for Next Meeting

There were several issues discussed and voted on at the last coaches meeting. These include:

  1. The bats and arc will not be changed
  2. Pitcher masks are mandatory for the derby: optional for the season
  3. The relapse rule has been changed: A relapse now results in an 8 game suspension. A relapse must be reported to the league, then suspension will begin. During said suspension the player must attend all 8 games, and attend at least 1 meeting a week with his teammates. If the player has a second relapse he is done for the year.
  4. Voted for a duel treasurers. Zerby will hold League checkbook. Motion passed for a meeting to be held at the end of year, in which the directors will determine what to do with the leftover money
There were several new officers elected
  • Director – Dennis M 
  • Alternate Director – Kyle C
  • Co-Treasurers – Leo H and Nick C 
  • Secretary – Brian H

The next coaches meeting will be held on Sat. March 8th, same time and place. Teams should have fields and money for the zerby derby.

IMPORTANT: Next Coaches Meeting

The second coaches meeting has been scheduled for Saturday February 8 @ 1pm. The location is 100 Cedar Ave. Croyden, PA 19021.

This is an important meeting because the coaches will be voting on several key issues. If you are a coach and are concerned about these issues, please be in attendance and let your vote be counted. These include:

  • A change to wooden bats
  • Changing of the arc
  • Changing the relapse rule back to the thirty day rule
  • other miscellaneous issues

Also the league has several officer positions that need to be filled. Nominations and votes will be taken for treasurer and directors.