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Minutes from last meeting (Jan. 2)

Minutes from Business meeting January 2, 2016

Old business

  • Went over tabled motions
  • Commissioner: Tyler B nominated – voted in
  • Deputy Commissioner: Paul M nominated, Tim B nominated
  • Paul M voted in

Officer positions

  • Brian H stepped down from Secretary position
  • Tom H nominated for Secretary position – voted in

Treasurer relapsed and took all the money. Balance is Zero

Noah from Liberation Way nominated Bill from Stars nominated
Noah voted in

Directors Kyle C steps down due to rule where two officers cannot be on the same team
Craig T nominated: voted in

Jimmy R nominated: voted in (taking spot left vacant by Tom H who is now new secretary)

Phone list for officers

Commissioner: Tyler B – 484-682-4071
Deputy Commissioner: Paul M – 610-742-1278
Secretary: Tom H – 484-620-6490
Treasurer: Niki T – 610-715-7622
Treasurer: Noah L – 610-999-6716
Director: Tink – 215-436-0741
Director: Craig T – 215-756-5718
Director: Jimmy R – 484-574-2853
Alternate Director: Tim B – 609-328-0070

New Business

Motion that all teams must provide their own mat – Passed
New Teams: Jimmy R (New team), Matt E & Mike D (307 Club), Joe K ( The Outlaws)

New league fees
$600 for an existing team
$500 for a new team
Derby fees $200 – Due at the next business meeting. All checks to made out to URSL

Next Meeting  Saturday February 13th – You MUST have your derby fees!!!! EVERY TEAM NEEDS A REPRESENTATIVE PRESENT AT THIS MEETING

End of Year League Meeting


Reviewed changes from last year

Current Treasury Balance: $2,288.17

Motion to buy new balls – passed

Motion to change to 6-12 arc with a strike mat – passed 7 to 3

Motion to just use mat as a strike, plate is a ball – passed

Motion to allow guys on Suboxone or Methadone to be on a team but not to play or be on the field in any capacity – passed

Ed G. resigns as Commissioner effective immediately, Tyler B. takes over on an Interim basis

Treasurer Nominations:

Niki T – nominated – voted in
Leo H – nominated – voted in

New commissioner vote tabled until January meeting
Next meeting will be held January 2nd at 12 pm

Coaches Meeting Minutes 1/31/15

Officers Elected

  • Deputy Commissioner: Tyler B
  • Alternate Director: Tim B


Divisions will be created based on geography and strength of schedule. Teams will play 18 division games and 4 out of division. 8 teams from each division make the playoffs. Ralph will be in charge of creating divisions and schedule

Treasury Report

  • Balance $2,118, balls purchased $596
  • We are not a legal non-profit. Teams should provide one check from their sponsors. The treasurer will look further into how the league can handle multiple checks and refunds.

Zerby Derby

  • No limit to homeruns for derby
  • Derby money is due Feb. 28
  • Teams cannot pickup players from teams that are eliminated
  • URSL rostered players only
  • Hoodies for the Derby champion

Committees and Motions Etc.

League Fees:

Discussed lowering league fees, the league should still have money to spare if we do so

Motion made to lower league fees to 400 for new team 500 for returning team. Motion passed. Zerby Derby remains 150

Home team creates its ground rules for home field, homerun limits etc

Safety Committee:

Made various proposals to improve safety to pitcher as was discussed at the previous meeting. These included mandatory masks, arc change, and distance of mound change.

  • Motion made to require masks. Motion passed
  • Motion to change arc, and distance. Motions did not pass 

30 Day rule:

30 day rule discussed

Motion to change rule to simply 28 days sober/clean after relapse player can play again. Plus its the teams discretion if player must be at games or is allowed to coach 1b or 3b during suspension. Motion passed. 

Banquet Committee

Discussed various options for a banquet, selling tickets, venue etc. Discussion was tabled in order to gather more info.



Coaches Meeting

From Ed’s post on the URSL facebook page.  Of course, I cleaned up his grammer-haha

URSL league meeting will be held here:

  • Saturday January 31st 12pm
  • Junod Playground Rec Center
  • 12770 Dunksferry Road, Philadelphia, PA 19154

A representative from each team MUST attend.  Also if you know of any teams wanting to join the league please inform them of the date…as of now we have 21 teams and that creates a bye week–boo!

  • 2 positions open, deputy commish and alternate director
  • Old business including suggestions from safety committee
  • New business including derby , league fees etc..

Minutes: End of Year League Meeting

Sat November 2

League officers elected

  • Tink (Longshots), Director
  • Tom (L & O), Director
  • Matty Alternate Director
  • Ed G. Commissioner

Treasury Report from Leo and Nick C.

Treasury is set up requiring two signatures. The ending balance stands at $2118

Discussion: use some of the balance to buy balls, league should not maintain a large balance, reducing league fees

Motion: Made to buy balls for 2015 from Sully for approx. $1000. Seconded and passed

Discussion: Tiebreakers and run differential, tabled till January meeting

Discussion: Champs getting $2000? No other leagues do it. Buy hoodies for champs instead. Why not have a championship banquet, would help raise funds for the next year.

Committee formed: To investigate a banquet, prices, places, etc. (Nikki, Vinni, Jenna, Joe)

Motion: Motion made for the league to buy champs hoodies and trophies rather than providing $2000, runner up would receive league fees paid. Motion seconded and passed

Discussion: Lower league fees, everyone in agreement that fees should be lowered, but too early to be decided on, tabled

Committee formed: To investigate rules, arc, matts, current rules

Topics for January meeting

  • League fees – can we lessen the fees
  • Tiebreakers
  • Banquet committee report
  • Rules committee report