Author: Alex Ryan

Rain out games

4 teams have games that need to be made up
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Tommy D’S Double D’S

The Process Warriors

The game(s) will be played on the home team’s choice of field at an agreeable start time—if a location and start time can NOT be agreed upon by the teams then the Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner and the Directors of the URSL will intervene to settle the location and start time provided that their team in NOT involved.

EMZ folds

EMZ folds. The rest of the teams that are scheduled to play the will receive 7-0 wins.

Players from EMZ can be picked up as free agents.
Any player from EMZ that would like to be picked up should comment below with your name, and position played.

Announcement! 6/12/18

The current URSL Facebook page should be used for entertainment purposes only. Posts and comment page DO NOT represent views of the league as a whole, or any member of the board

Moving forward all league information will be posted on this website including game status’, upcoming tournaments, and recovery related announcements.

If there are any questions, or concerns, please leave a comment, or contact a board member listed on the right hand side of the page.