UPDATED 2016 Livengrin RFR Tourney Rules

The only NEW rule is the strike zone:  if the ball hits the mat behind the plate it is a strike provided the pitch has reached an arch of at least 6′ but not higher then 12′. 

An illegal pitch can be called by the ump but that must be done so before the ball reaches  the halfway point between the mound and the plate to give the batter adequate warning.

3 Home Run limit per “regulation” game then it’s a Single. The woods in RIGHT field at Carlton is considered a home run. For the Loser’s Bracket Chip and final Chip game(s) ONLY — “IF” the game goes into extra innings then each team is awarded 1 additional Home Run per inning.

Unlimited bases runners, but there are risks to that.  If a runner is on base and it becomes his turn to bat while he’s on base it’s an automatic out plus he forfeits his at bat.  If there are 2 outs at that time then the inning is over.  He does NOT leadoff the next inning.  But, if there is 1 or NO outs at that time an out is added and he stays on base while the next batter hits.

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Game Parameters

  • For Insurance Purposes ALL players must be from the URSL; no exceptions!
  • Pitcher/hitter starts with a 2-2 count.  If you foul the ball you’re out.
  • Inning and Time Constraintswe will be on a very tight schedule so these rules are final
    • 5 innings is a COMPLETE game when the score is NOT tied (see exceptions below)
      • Since there is a time limit NOT all games will reach 5 completed innings.  If that is the case follow these rules:
        • If necessary…the HOME team gets their final at bat in the bottom of the inning (3-4-5) if the length of the game is within the 50 minute mark.
        • If the playing time has surpassed the 50 minute mark and the HOME team has not yet batted no matter what the inning the WINNER will be the team that led after the last completed inning; even if that’s the 1st inning.
  • Games are NOT to go past 55 minutes (see exceptions below)
    • In the PRELIMINARY ROUNDS if a game is TIED after 5innings then the winner is the team that was leading after the last completed/full (not half) inning.  However, if the time/clock has NOT exceeded the 45 minute mark then 1 extra inning will be played-very rare.  If still tied after that extra inning then the winner is the team that was leading after the last complete/full inning; even if that was the 1st inning.
    • The LOSER’S BRACKET CHAMPIONSHIP GAME & the FINAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME(S) will NOT follow the time restriction.  They are games 29, 30 & 31 listed on the bracket.  Otherwise,  5 innings is a complete game unless tied.  If tied then it gets played out until there is a clear cut winner.

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