Minutes from last meeting (Jan. 2)

Minutes from Business meeting January 2, 2016

Old business

  • Went over tabled motions
  • Commissioner: Tyler B nominated – voted in
  • Deputy Commissioner: Paul M nominated, Tim B nominated
  • Paul M voted in

Officer positions

  • Brian H stepped down from Secretary position
  • Tom H nominated for Secretary position – voted in

Treasurer relapsed and took all the money. Balance is Zero

Noah from Liberation Way nominated Bill from Stars nominated
Noah voted in

Directors Kyle C steps down due to rule where two officers cannot be on the same team
Craig T nominated: voted in

Jimmy R nominated: voted in (taking spot left vacant by Tom H who is now new secretary)

Phone list for officers

Commissioner: Tyler B – 484-682-4071
Deputy Commissioner: Paul M – 610-742-1278
Secretary: Tom H – 484-620-6490
Treasurer: Niki T – 610-715-7622
Treasurer: Noah L – 610-999-6716
Director: Tink – 215-436-0741
Director: Craig T – 215-756-5718
Director: Jimmy R – 484-574-2853
Alternate Director: Tim B – 609-328-0070

New Business

Motion that all teams must provide their own mat – Passed
New Teams: Jimmy R (New team), Matt E & Mike D (307 Club), Joe K ( The Outlaws)

New league fees
$600 for an existing team
$500 for a new team
Derby fees $200 – Due at the next business meeting. All checks to made out to URSL

Next MeetingĀ  Saturday February 13th – You MUST have your derby fees!!!! EVERY TEAM NEEDS A REPRESENTATIVE PRESENT AT THIS MEETING