Minutes: End of Year League Meeting

Sat November 2

League officers elected

  • Tink (Longshots), Director
  • Tom (L & O), Director
  • Matty Alternate Director
  • Ed G. Commissioner

Treasury Report from Leo and Nick C.

Treasury is set up requiring two signatures. The ending balance stands at $2118

Discussion: use some of the balance to buy balls, league should not maintain a large balance, reducing league fees

Motion: Made to buy balls for 2015 from Sully for approx. $1000. Seconded and passed

Discussion: Tiebreakers and run differential, tabled till January meeting

Discussion: Champs getting $2000? No other leagues do it. Buy hoodies for champs instead. Why not have a championship banquet, would help raise funds for the next year.

Committee formed: To investigate a banquet, prices, places, etc. (Nikki, Vinni, Jenna, Joe)

Motion: Motion made for the league to buy champs hoodies and trophies rather than providing $2000, runner up would receive league fees paid. Motion seconded and passed

Discussion: Lower league fees, everyone in agreement that fees should be lowered, but too early to be decided on, tabled

Committee formed: To investigate rules, arc, matts, current rules

Topics for January meeting

  • League fees – can we lessen the fees
  • Tiebreakers
  • Banquet committee report
  • Rules committee report

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