1/4 Final Playoffs — what a day!!!!!

The Beginners were the only team to methodically sweep (Atlruistic Homes) yesterday.  Headed down 95 next Sunday to Delco!

The other 3 series not only went the distance but two of them went to the wire.

The Longshots, minus their perennial all star shortstop, Brian O’Hare, played their hearts out in games 2 & 3 and almost pulled off a huge upset against the HIGH powered Movement offensive juggernaut; and, that’s after being blowout in game 1.  Way to put that game behind you (Longshots) real fast boys!  The Movement are trying to keep the grounds of Southampton & the Boulevard the home of the champions as they faceoff against UD next Sunday.

Upper Darby outlasted L J in from what I heard were 3 terrific games.  Don’t know much about game 1, but games 2 & 3 L J came out firing.  I can’t say L J let the leads slip away in games 2 & 3 because I know how UD can string together multiple hits for crooked numbers.  Although UD’s come back in game two was squashed by L J’s 7th inning walk; UD did survive another early onslaught by L J in game 3 to pull off the more meaningful comeback in game 3 to move onto the semi’s agains the Movement.

The Delco vs TAC series I know the least about.  I’m sure I will get some insight into that as the day goes on….  I do know that TAC went down there and won a real tight game 1.  I’m sure that had to at least get Delco thinking don’t these boys ever lose any BIG games….  Well if they did…, it didn’t last very long, because from what I heard Delco used short term memory loss to their benefit and controlled games 2 & 3 with sizeable victories.

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