Week 11 Highlights — Playoff Senarios will be Posted shortly

The Movement came out swinging and TAC didn’t know what hit them…  Beginners, Delco and Movement all clinch first round playoff series.  Altruitic Homes got burlarised by Upper Darby who have been climbing back up the ladder.  The Longshots & STR win easily setting up their show down for the last week of the season….ohhh boyy! Double Ds does not budge in the quest to continue their long playoff tradition.  The Stars and L J who are smack in the middle of the playoff hunt did not help themselves with their splits yesterday….


Head to Head (H2H) will always be the first determining factor in a tiebreaker.  That’s why Delco remains in 2nd place over the Movement who have a better overall run differential.  Delco swept the Movement so their respective run differentials do NOT apply. 

On the other hand, ” ALL” teams that are tied must have played each other in order for the H2H to be the determing factor.  LJ, STR, TAC and the Longshots will end up playing each other but as of NOW that has NOT happened yet so the Run Differentiall still determines their positioning….

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