Zerby ask for volunteers to assist in any way to help run the event in his absence.  Also, if someone could bring a GRILL with propane or charcoal; you will be reimbursed if need be…  And, lastly reach out to Zerby and let him know if you can help….texting is fine 215 715-1970

The 2013 URSL All Star game will be hosted at TAC’s field this Saturday @ 9am (August 3rd).

There will be a BBQ with refreshments. 

Similar format to last year.  Each team will send 2 or 3 (no more) of their best players.  For the most part the teams will be divided up between the City teams vs Burbs teams. 

Big John from STR has volunteered to coach the Burbs and the Helmet will assist him if need be…  I do not know who will be coaching the City boys….

As always have fun!!!!

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